The Slender Loris Is a small nocturnal primate located in the rainforests of Sri Lanka and and southern India. They live in the thick and thorny vegatation so it can easily escape from predators. They Loris also hunts for food in these thickets, finding many tasty local insects. The Slender Loris is about the same size as a chipmunk and climbs around on limbs as small as school pencils.

  • The Slender Loris lives in India and Sri Lanka around the 15th Parallel.
  • The Slender Loris has a huge range of habitats which it can live in from low swampy areas to drier mountain forests and scrubland.
  • It has been found in elevations as high as 6070ft.
  • It has been known to be tolerant to many other temperature variations than the other species of Loris.
  • The Slender Loris feeds mostly on Insects.
  • Mating habits of the Slender Loris takes place either between April and May or October and November. Based on scientific study, the Slender Loris mates for life and produces 1-2 offspring.
Problems Facing the Slender Loris!
  • The Slender Loris is under threat from the #1 cause of extinction which is habitat destruction.
  • They are also hunted for medicinal uses and food.
  • the forests in which they live in are now extremely small, isolated, and very populated by other animals.

The Slender Loris in its habitat:
external image SlenderLoris.jpg

Unfortuately, the Slender Loris is loosing much of its habitat to deforestation.
external image amazon-deforestation.jpg

If were not careful, The Slender Loris may become extinct.
external image normal_SlenderLoris1.jpg

For the Slender Loris: It may have to leave the high elevation of trees for lower areas, where it may not find as much food. Unfortunately, in lower areas it will find many more predators.
For the environment: Not only the slender loris but any number of animals may be forced out of the trees and into other, less apealing forests. This may lead to the endangerment or even extinction of many species.

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